Daffs Project is blooming

Daffodils in the Dymock Forest were featured onĀ  BBC Countryfile programme.

Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison and crew visited the area on 2021 to film a project aiming to protect wild daffodils.

Kate Wollen, from Aylton and Assistant Ecologist for Forestry England, welcomed Ellie to Shaw Common to understand the Dymock Forest Rural Action group’s wild daffodil project, which removed garden ‘daffs’ from the area to keep the natural genepool sacrosanct.

Their conversation ranged from the value of countryside access through lockdown to the threat to biodiversity in ancient woodlands due to climate change.

With attention to social-distancing measures, filming took place at several locations, including at Shaw Common, the European seed stand for Sessile Oak acorns, and at St Mary’s church Kempley, with other filming including a journey through time about the history of the daffodils of the Golden Triangle and a look at what makes the wild daffodil so special.

The Forester March 30th 2021

Windcross Paths Group Summer Heritage Ramble

In memory of Barbara Davis who helped create so many of the local footpath walks and illustratedĀ  the footpath maps.